Banana Peels and Dying Bugs


So I finally decided to clean out my car.  Months of practically living in it left it beyond a mess.  I’d try to describe it, but I’d probably make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.  Let’s just start with dog hair everywhere, two dog crates, a large dog bed, trash, receipts, about 8 plates leftover from breakfast that I eat on my way to work, banana peels- you get the idea.  It had gotten out of control.  WAY out of control.

So I drove it over to the dumpster and just started throwing things away.  I unloaded the dog beds, washed the clothes, and cleaned the dishes.  While I have yet to do the deep cleaning (scrubbing, vacuuming, sanitizing), it still looks and feels INFINITELY better.

So today, for the first time in a couple of months, I took my trash with me when I got out at the end of the day.  While I find it somewhat annoying (don’t ask me why, I just really hate carrying more from the car to apt. than I absolutely have to), I felt so much better that I’m attempting to keep on top of the problem before it spirals out of control again.

At least for now 🙂


For everyone who works outside of a school, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I remember seeing on Facebook last year one of my friends’ boyfriends sent her flowers to school to appreciate her.  I thought at the time “Wow- I’ve only heard of students giving gifts to teachers, but how sweet that he thought of her.”  Haven’t thought about it since, but I definitely did then.

Well yesterday I got a surprise visitor who brought me over a bouquet of tulips and a nice card in celebration of Teacher Appreciation.

Seriously.  What beats that?  Nothing.  Feeling lucky 🙂


Hit the Tobacco Trail for a beautiful afternoon run today.  Until a bug flew straight into my eyeball.  This is a 0 for many reasons.

1)  I don’t like killing animals.  I like it even less when they are dying on top of my eye.  If I rub to get him out, I squish his entire body.  If I leave him there, he probably drowns in my eye gunk.  And without a mirror, it’s nearly impossible to rescue him.  So then, I know he’s dead, and I have to continue running knowing that I’ve just buried an animal in my eye.

2)  Sometimes it hurts.  Today it was just irritating.

3)  It is incredibly distracting for the rest of the run.

Beautiful weather, bad finish.


You can’t actually see the little guy, so it’s definitely below a 5.  But it does make me laugh, giving it some value 🙂

Until next time, just living for the tens 🙂


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