Okay, that last video got me addicted.  I am now sitting at the Subaru dealer watching music video after music video.  Why is this so addicting???

This one is my favorite song of all time, even after waking up to it every single morning for the last year.  In fact, I love it so much it makes me want to take voice lessons to teach my tone-deaf self how to sing it.  I feel sorry for whichever vocal instructor gets stuck with me…


One comment

  1. The vocal coach who you choose would be quite fortunate to have you as a student.
    You merely need some assistance in helping yourself to listen to yourself, to compare to the musical notes you want to match. It’s totally do-able. Totally.
    And, in singing with joy from your heart and the ease of loving music, your sound would be different from this vocalist. No strain in your voice, merely comfort and ease.
    Anything you put your heart in to, you accomplish.

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