The Next Susan Boyle

Some of you may remember my obsession with Susan Boyle from a couple years back (if not, check it out here).  There’s something about underdog stories that do me in, and she was the best I’d seen in a while.  Today while I was stuck waiting for my car to get repaired I stumbled upon this one.

Similar to Susan, it’s a total underdog in ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ competition.  Unlike Susan Boyle, he’s 15 and homeless.  And somehow taught himself to sing like this while working on the street selling gum and candy.  I don’t know what else to say except watch it.

The biggest 10 of the day 🙂



  1. There have been at least 35 people called ‘the next Susan Boyle’ since Susan, but not one of them has come remotely close to achieving Susan’s instant, worldwide youtube fame. It was a one of a kind, once in a lifetime moment.

    1. I think there’s something to be said for being the first. Everyone was so caught off guard after all the success of people like Kelly Clarkson and other competition winners- young, attractive, predictable. Susan came along and wowed everyone unexpectedly, which made it that much more compelling. One of the many reasons I love her 🙂

      1. Quite true. However youtube began in Feb 2005 I believe, and nothing like Susan happened till April 2009 – so Susan has to get a lot of the credit for being unusual enough, quirky enough, gutsy enough and of course, talented enough to really capture the attention of the world. She also didn’t go in with a sob story as almost all have since. She was chipper and cheerful and clearly ‘still trying’ without moaning. That, and her continuing courage to live her life her way is why so many find her inspring, I think.

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