My Nutritional Balance

Being vegan you’d think I’d monitor my balance of nutrients pretty carefully.  You know, making sure I’m getting enough protein and iron, that kinda thing.

But actually, not even a little bit.  I’ve been vegan for over two years now, and have never had any serious issues, so I just assume I’m doing a pretty good job.  Except every once in a while I’ll start craving burgers.  The last time this happened my good friend Jay told me that used to happen to him when he wasn’t getting enough protein.  So now when I crave burgers, I make a point of loading up on protein.

However, this week it hasn’t been burgers I’ve been craving.  How about one of these?

Or THESE??!?

I have officially become obsessed with Pinterest, and I’m pretty sure it’s exclusively to live vicariously through all the non-vegans out there.  I would kill for one of these right about now.


Overall I’m still alright, but I need to find what’s missing!!!

So seriously, what is causing my desperate cravings for anything warm and sweet???  (With sprinkles, obviously)


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