Lil’ Life Changers

Optimist World

Optimist World launches its Charity Awards with HSBC Amanah as sponsor_3258_1_1___Selected

I just discovered a pretty great website online, called ‘Optimist World‘.  A website full of positive, uplifting stories in the news, with various charities, companies, travel stories, and even happy videos (including the Susan Boyle videos- I was sold as soon as I saw those).  My Netvibes account has a tab for all my News sources, and I’ll be honest, sometimes it can get a bit depressing (which is why I also have included on this page- clearly pretty important news).  I will be adding this immediately to bring some happiness into otherwise dreary headlines.

I rate this website an 8.  I love the idea, but in an ideal world this news would be mainstream.  Makes me a bit sad that we need a seperate location to highlight the good news.  I’d rather a one-stop shop with all kinds of news!


Winning 2nd Place in Carrie’s Photo Contest…


-1 for not getting first place (naturally), but really I have no complaints about a free $50 to use on more fabulous Carrie photos, some green goodies (I think the suspense might be the exciting part here), and $25 to give away to someone who’s never been to her before.  I think that may be my favorite part.  When I love something, I genuinely feel like everyone should love it too, so a chance to give away money for people to get awesome photos taken makes me a bit excited.  I can’t wait 🙂

Check her work out here, and start planning your bribes if you’re interested.

Snap Capp

This is brilliant. At first when I opened a bag of presents from my Grandparents I was pretty confused what the little purple half-bottle was. But when I figured it out I discovered the most incredible invention ever. And I’m not one to exaggerate.

You snap the ‘half-bottle’ onto the top of your soda can and you can instantly seal the can! This is perfect for all those who can’t drink a can in one sitting (I can’t say that I’m one of them), as it keeps it from getting flat. It’s also nice because you can travel with a can without worrying about spilling it. You can even throw an open can into your bag as you head out! I think this may genuinely change my life.

I rate it a 9.  It comes in a bunch of different colors, and every order comes with free glow in the dark lids.  -1 because I’m not sure I’ve ever not finished a can in one sitting and actually needed to seal it… but I still love that I can tote my soda can around with me 🙂


Check it out here.