Chatroulette (update)

I feel the need to publish an update to last week’s post ASAP.  As I’ve now actually tried it out…

The gist: if you have a webcam, microphone and speakers (most new laptops come with all three built in) you can chat with random people generated by the website from all over the world.

Scott and I attempted to try it out on Thursday night but the site was down and wouldn’t let us chat (-1).

So we attempted again on Friday night before Jill and Jeff arrived.  We ‘nexted’ several people (and I’ll admit, a couple ‘nexted’ us) and chatted briefly with one guy in Florida.  Overall pretty uneventful.

When Jeff and Jill arrived we decided to try it out again.  Jill wasn’t sure what was going on when she was sitting in front of my computer and all of a sudden we saw some 12 year-old boys.  She was sort of chatting, I popped in and waved, and they all burst out laughing that Jill had just been caught by her ‘mom’.  I don’t know which is funnier… that they thought Jill was young enough to be busted by her mom for being online, or that they thought I was her mom… -2 for being boring and insulting.

We quickly nexted off these 12 year-old boys as they attempted to convince me I didn’t look like a mom when all of a sudden we were greeted by something GROSSLY inappropriate.  I will spare you the details, but will warn that Chatroulette is NOT for the weak of heart.  Or anyone who is not prepared to face nudity.  Children should most definitely stay away. -5 for the people who don’t know how to use technology appropriately or maturely.

The tech teacher in me likes to know the newest fads that our students are probably falling for, so I can figure out how to harness them for educational purposes, or how to educate our students on how to protect themselves.  But when research turns into this, I’d rather not know what’s going on.

OVERALL SCORE: 3.  I’ve heard Ashton Kucher goes on, which makes it worth possibly trying again.



Yet another brilliant discovery thanks to Jaci of EverydaySassypants.  Have no idea where this rating is going to go… but before beginning, watch this video to get an idea of what exactly Chatroulette is.

I must admit I’m a bit overwhelmed.  Yet I’m also feeling the urge to try it out before giving it a real rating… perhaps I can talk others into trying it with me?

Optimist World

Optimist World launches its Charity Awards with HSBC Amanah as sponsor_3258_1_1___Selected

I just discovered a pretty great website online, called ‘Optimist World‘.  A website full of positive, uplifting stories in the news, with various charities, companies, travel stories, and even happy videos (including the Susan Boyle videos- I was sold as soon as I saw those).  My Netvibes account has a tab for all my News sources, and I’ll be honest, sometimes it can get a bit depressing (which is why I also have included on this page- clearly pretty important news).  I will be adding this immediately to bring some happiness into otherwise dreary headlines.

I rate this website an 8.  I love the idea, but in an ideal world this news would be mainstream.  Makes me a bit sad that we need a seperate location to highlight the good news.  I’d rather a one-stop shop with all kinds of news!