Beautiful Salads and Commitment to Relaxation


It’s hard to complain at all when someone else is cooking dinner.  Especially when it’s an incredible salad, considering how bad I am at keeping a large amount of produce fresh all at the same time so I can actually make one of my own.

And then when it’s presented to me looking like this?  Seriously.  One spoiled girl.


I love tulips.  I find them to have a lot more personality than other flowers.  And when they open up to say hello?  Even better.

Only downside is that when they start blooming they also start drooping.  Which means they’re not going to last a whole lot longer 😦


Could I have been laughing any harder when I saw this on the way home from the Tobacco Trail the other day?  On the way to start our bike ride we passed him standing up and commented that he looked about 12 years old.  On the way home, he had clearly had enough of walking around holding the Great Clips sign.  So he decided to just lay down on the sidewalk and prop it up.

Hesitate to give him above a 5, because I’m pretty sure his boss would not be pleased with this, but I hesitate to give him below a 5 since cars can still see the sign.  So normally this would be a 5, but the laugh it gave me and my parents is worth at least 2.



Who doesn’t love a cuddle buddy when knocking out a little work?  This girl definitely does.  Especially if it’s a juggle whose name rhymes with Smurph.

That said, the actual ‘help’ he provided was minimal.  For such a smart dog, he doesn’t often put it to work outside of sneaking into cabinets and trash cans to overdose on food…

Plus the more deeply he fell asleep, the more weight he put onto my arm making it trickier to edit.  I also had to stop every 5 minutes to gush at how cute he was as he snored…

So in terms of productivity, it was no good.  In terms of a smiling heart, it was great 🙂

Coming up next is a full review of Full Steam, an awesome brewery in downtown Durham I’ve recently fallen in love with 🙂  Until then, just living for the tens!


Chinese Delivery and Bouquets of Flowers

It’s starting to feel like summer here in NC.  Not spring- that was so two months ago.  But now that it’s actually spring, it’s starting to feel like summer!


After last week’s batch of cold weather (and the return of my fleece jackets and constant goosebumps), it is very exciting to see 90’s in the forecast.  My tan from Mexico is rapidly fading, and a weekend lounging by the pool might be just what this girl needs.

However, it also means 100 degree days are right around the corner, and it’s almost time to bid my jeans a permanent farewell for 4 months.  That and give up on ever blow-drying my hair.  -1 for each.


Chinese delivery is something that soothes my soul for many reasons.  Growing up, it was always a special treat when the parents decided it was a Chinese night.  Rarely did we do delivery then though- we’d always drive with my dad to go pick it up.

In college I discovered the beauty of Chinese delivery.  Any delivery really.  If I could call and have it at my door (or the front desk) in less than 30 minutes I was a happy camper.  I distinctly recall Sundays where we would pride ourselves on not leaving the dorm all day.  That and a week in 2003 when we were hit with a serious snow storm and the only source of food was the incredibly brave Chinese delivery man who figured the risk of driving on the treacherous roads was worth it for the massive amounts of money he could make off college students.  And boy did he.  I think I had to take a month long break from Chinese food after that blizzard.

Either way, these are some of the reasons I have such fond memories of Chinese delivery.  So tonight Bill and I decided it was the night to revisit the amazing Chinese food.  That along witha  six-pack of delicious summer beer.  Pretty sure life doesn’t get any better than this.

Until you find out the Chinese delivery restaurant is closed on Mondays.  And the other 9 1/2 around you don’t deliver.  So drive to pick it up we did.

Still delicious.  Still satisfying.  -2 for the lack of delivery options in this area.


I’ve complained about this for years.  If you’re my friend, or former student, you know how irritated I get with the ‘growth’ of the fortunes in fortune cookies over the past 10 years.  FORTUNE cookie insinuates that inside I will find a fortune, or something predicting my future.

Yet in the past couple years I find these fortunes to be more advice than fortunes.  I’m curious what goes on in the minds of the fortune cookie creators.  How they interpret these as fortunes is beyond me.  BEYOND. ME.


Not a fortune AT ALL.  And not even all that clever.  In fact, I’m annoyed.


While still not a fortune (we’re 0 for 2 here friends), at least it’s advice.  And it made Bill laugh.  I’ll give it 3 points for that.


In the background of my fortune picture you can see a beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers.  I don’t care what any girl (or person) tells you.  Unexpected flowers make you feel special and loved.  Even if they’re unnecessary, a waste of money, or whatever other excuse someone gives- everybody likes to feel special and loved.

Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for this birthday bouquet 🙂

Until next time, just living for the tens!

Back to NYC

This past weekend I headed back to New York City for the second set of sessions at Teacher U.  Equally excited to be back teaching (actually, maybe more so as I had a week to make improvements based off of last weekend), and a good friend made it out of the hospital safely so this time I got to spend some QT with him.  Weirdly enough I have no pictures to prove that though, as it appears I only take pictures of food… need to improve on that.


SIGNIFICANTLY better than last time!  Despite my flight arriving at 5, he got me there in a little over a half hour.  I couldn’t believe it, as I predicted NYC rush hour traffic would be much worse.  In addition, he was super nice and drove so smoothly the thought of being carsick barely entered my mind.  Just in case, I did steal a barf bag from the plane and stowed it in my bag…

-1: at one point he zoomed by all the traffic by moving over to the breakdown lane.  I tried to get a picture but it came out blurry 😦  Pretty sure that move was illegal and highly dangerous.  Although this did lead to the short trip time… having a bit of a dilemma about this point.


Once arriving at Brent’s place, we headed down the street (literally like a 7 minute walk) for some incredible Indian food.  While the food was delicious, I’ll admit it renewed my respect for India Palace here in Chapel Hill, as the chicken vindaloo was just about the same 🙂

We started with some unique fried cauliflower.  I thought this was a good idea as I’ve been working to integrate more cauliflower into my diet, however I’m pretty sure the deep fried part negates any of the health points.  Minus the point off for that, there was absolutely nothing else wrong with them.  In fact, I’d say there was a lot right about them.

Crispy, caulfilowery, and smothered in a delicious sauce, these may have been the highlight of the meal (besides the company and conversation, obviously).

After that we headed back for some last minute prep for my next-day sessions.


After my sessions were over I decided to walk down to Times Square from Brent’s apartment and scope out the TKTS booth for discount Broadway tickets.  Ever since I was a kid my parents would bring us there to see musicals, and I figured there was no better way to spend my evening.  About a 40-minute walk there, I got a chance to catch up with some folks on the phone, and get a little exercise.

Unfortunately once there, I decided the tickets were still a bit above my price range 😦  I decided to hold out for a potential future visit.

I then walked about 50 minutes back, and at this point was getting pretty darn cold.  While warmer then last week, this also meant I didn’t do nearly as good a job at bundling 😦  I finally made it to a cute little German restaurant where I met Brent and had a chance to warm up with this:


SO GOOD.  I haven’t had one since Germany, and it totally hit the spot.  Only downside was he brought me the giant version, which ended up costing $10, and did not go quite as well with my low tolerance.  Still totally worth it.

Left the restaurant and spent a little QT with another friend (where I had a chance to rock out at some rock band) and then hit the sack before heading home first thing Sunday morning.

Unfortunately no luck getting bumped this time 😦


First of all, it’s pretty nice having someone pick you up at the airport period.  But to greet you with flowers?  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much better 🙂

Getting a little bit excited about the family visits on the Bachelor this evening!!! Stay tuned 🙂

Until then, just living for the tens!