Jeff & Jill Visit North Carolina!

Don’t worry, The Bachelor Finale and After the Final Rose ratings will be up by this evening.  In the meantime, I’m going to finish the post I started from this weekend when Jill & Jeff came to visit from DC!

A lot was accomplished…


Jill and Jeff arrived late Friday night, so obviously an early morning 5K was appropriate for Saturday 🙂  We were in luck as a local UNC sorority was hosting a Shamrock 5k in downtown Chapel Hill.

I was a little concerned going in, as I’ve all but given up running due to marathon knee injuries from college.  Instead I’ve taken up spinning, step aerobics, water aerobics, and general cardio at the gym.  I’m definitely in better shape, but wasn’t quite sure about running shape.  However, what I love about 5K’s is the race atmosphere which makes the time fly by.  I ran the whole thing, finishing in 28 minutes, by far my personal best ever.  I will admit though, my knee was pretty sore for about two days afterwards.

Jeff & Jill kicked butt as well, and most importantly we had an awesome time and I got to show them Chapel Hill 🙂

-1: How can you have a Shamrock 5K in February?  They need either 1) a better name, or 2) to move the date.

-1: I forgot to ask if you could bring dogs, so left Murph behind.  We showed up to dogs everywhere… how perfect would it have been to have put Murph in his new shamrock shirt and had him run along???

*Huge bonus points for the long sleeved t-shirt 🙂  All for only $15!

We spent the rest of the day Saturday walking the dogs, attempting yoga (class was postponed once we arrived at the gym) and then hitting up some delicious Torero’s downtown with an awesome friend of Jill’s from the Peace Corps.  Unfortunately no pictures were taken, but this was probably a good thing considering the amount of tears that resulted from laughter.  I suppose that’s what 6 giant glasses of Diet Coke (after not having had any for MONTHS) and good people will do…


Sunday morning I made them get up early again to head over to the Chapel Hill Community Center for a classic Sunday morning climb.  Thankfully Ben was there as well so I got to climb along with J&J.

I must say I was totally pumped with both their eagerness and bravery.  They both hopped right on and did awesome 🙂  Fun to watch.

-1: I’m still not climbing enough which leads to mental frustration every time I get tired and sore so quickly 😦


After climbing we went to breakfast, and then got prepared for Sunday afternoon spinning (at this point they began calling this ‘Boot Camp’ vacation, and I realized they may never come back).

While Jill seemed a bit nervous at first, they both came out of the class pretty pleased.  Spinning is definitely tough, and I’ll admit there’s a 10-minute period at the beginning each week where you want to die, but then you get in the groove and end up loving it.  I’m glad they felt the same way 🙂

-1 because this instructor in particular always cuts the classes short at 45 minutes rather than an hour.  If I’m gonna be there in pain I’d rather just work it out for a full hour.

Covered in sweat we left to prepare for Scott’s birthday framily dinner!

The framily came over at 7 to celebrate, and the theme this week was ‘Scott’s favorite foods’, since it’s his birthday 🙂  Included were:

  • 3 pounds of gummie bears
  • hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • hot dogs
  • hamburgers
  • mac ‘n cheese
  • funfetti cake with funfetti frosting (made by yours truly)
  • Snooky’s special delicious dessert


For a last-minute plan, this sure did come out good.  Real, homemade mac ‘n cheese.  Plus, it left me with leftovers that will hold me over until July.  +10.


You can’t go wrong with funfetti cake topped with funfetti icing.  End of story.

-1 for forgetting candles.  Although I think this use of an Ikea candle was pretty clever 🙂  It made it into more of a doughnut cake…


I knew the grandparents were stopping by North Carolina on Monday, but wasn’t expecting a call from them Sunday as they arrived a hotel about 5 minutes from me.  I convinced them to join the framily dinner, and it was nice to once again mix family and ‘framily’ 🙂


While in town Jeff introduced me to a new iPhone app I’m in love with.  It’s called ‘Words with Friends’ and is free 🙂  Essentially it’s an ongoing scrabble game that is played between two people via iPhones.  You can play quickly or over time, whenever each person has time to play.  You get a message (like a text message) every time they’ve played, and there’s even a chat option so you can trash talk.  My fave 🙂

If anyone wants to play, my username is camidh672 (meant to be camish, like everything else in my life, but I accidentally typed d and they wouldn’t let me change it 😦 )

-1 for the many cheating options that exist when you’re not playing in person…


While busy, it’s been nice to have my parents, Rodney, Kim, Jeff, Jill and my grandparents all stop by within two weeks.  I love life in North Carolina, but I love my friends and family from the north (and other parts of NC) as well, so it’s nice when the worlds collide.  That also makes it sad when they all have to leave 😦

All in all a fabulous weekend full of tens 🙂



  1. it’s not just any local sorority whose run you participated in, you know–it’s my sorority, kaydee! 🙂

    and since you mentioned it–this is why they had a shamrock in february: what is supposed to happen is that you have your shamrock event in march (obviously). more specifically, in march BEFORE St. Patty’s day, and as close to St. Patty’s day as possible. for whatever reason you aren’t supposed to have it after, I think it has something to do with when the funds are submitted to Prevent Child Abuse and your local philanthopy. soooo…since UNC’s Spring Break starts beginning this weekend, and students won’t be on campus this week or next, having it in february was the only option.

    not necessarily the best reason, but it was the only way to meet the criteria is why they had it then, to the best of my knowledge.

    and I’ll contact you for a words with friends game shortly. I love it!

  2. I know you meant to include Rodney and I in your tearful “people leaving” section of this post. Remember us? We are the friends that support all of your bad habits 😉 I forgive you this time…

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